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St. Joseph's Mercy, Pontiac Fish mural
St. Joseph's Mercy, Pontiac Fish mural
St. Joseph's Mercy, Pontiac Fish mural

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Fish Mural | Pontiac, Michigan

In 2014, Motawi Tileworks commissioned a pair of custom ceramic tile murals that were designed to make a statement about the importance of caring, community, and hope.

The design approach explores underwater themes. With this framework, the elevator lobby and reception desk murals are connected to one another, yet each piece is unique. The aquatic theme was selected for the following reasons:

  • Water is a symbol of health and life, and a healing medium; “from water springs all life”
  • Aquatic systems, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers, are balanced and in harmony
  • The ocean is known as a symbol of hope
  • Vibrant, living coral reefs communicate life and hope
  • Schools of fish represent community and harmony
  • The coral reef also evokes community, and diversity within the community
  • Fish are symbolic of abundance and faith; the fish is a Christian symbol dating back to ancient times; there are numerous Biblical references and stories involving fish

Through Motawi's design and the use of our rich glaze palette, colorful imagery capturing the look and feel of underwater ecosystems was created. The murals not only respond to the challenge of the theme of “Hope,” evoking harmony and balance in nature, they are compelling images that will be beautiful art pieces for the hospital community for many years to come.