Birds of Winter

Bring some winter cheer into your home with these snowy birds.

The Tileworks Times

Spotlight On | Ginkgo

February 22, 2017

The graceful fan-shaped leaves of the Ginkgo tree are enchanting symbols of peace, hope and longevity and are a popular motif of the Arts & Crafts movement. The branches of this symbolic tree reached into the minds of the designers at Motawi Tileworks and grew into Motawi's latest installation series, simply named Ginkgo. See this lovely tile put to use in this edition of Spotlight On.
Bring Your Valentine to the Tileworks

February 09, 2017

Things will be heating up at Motawi this Valentine's Day, and we're not talking about standing next to the kilns! Spend the day romancing your Valentine with tile! Motawi will be offering a special tour this Valentine's Day at 11
Spotlight On | Frank Lloyd Wright for Installation

February 09, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright believed in creating total environments, which included designing not only residences, shops and skyscrapers, but also the art glass windows, furniture, fabrics, lamps, carpets and tiles that occupied them. In this Spotlight On, we highlight the beautiful ways these classic designs can be incorporated into a Motawi installation.