8x8 March Balloons, Oak

8380 OK | 8x8 March Balloons, Oak

Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique construction method, in which decorative blocks of concrete were woven together with reinforcing steel rods, came to be known as the Textile Block System. This collection of relief tile is adapted from Wright’s textile block designs for the Storer House. The Motawi versions are scaled for interior residential and commercial projects.

Motawi Tileworks is an official licensee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. A portion of the purchase price is returned to the Foundation, which strives to transform people’s lives through the living experience of Frank Lloyd Wright’s body of work.


Price: $164.00 USD/piece

Actual tile size: 7-13/16" x 7-13/16" x 5/8" deep

Glazes used: 5040, 5184, 5002, 5194, 5271*, 5213, 5024, 5115, 5103*, 5153

*This glaze not available on field tile

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