2021 | Bottle Brown, Glossy
Glaze Range Sample, Bottle Brown, Glossy
2021 | Bottle Brown, Glossy

2021 | Bottle Brown, Glossy

Glaze Color Range Samples: Variations in hue, tone and surface quality are intrinsic to the beauty of Motawi tiles. We recommend ordering a range sample ($25) for each glaze color in your project before the tile is made. A range sample consists of three pieces of the same glaze color that illustrate the expected variation. Range sample orders are limited to one sample per glaze color. Samples in good condition may be returned for a full refund (minus any shipping costs). Click the “add to cart” button above to order online.

Usage: Walls, wet areas, fireplaces and non-commercial flooring

Screen Variation: Screen images may not accurately portray our glazes. The best way to judge color is to view a physical sample.

Grout Recommendation: Please reference grout type and color recommendations for each of our glaze colors here.

Questions about range samples or grout recommendations? Contact the installation design department: design@motawi.com or 734-213-0017.

Why can't I order this product on your website? While we encourage you to order a glaze color range sample for any project you are planning (by clicking the “add to cart” button above), installation tile is only available by special order. Contact our friendly design department (design@motawi.com) for pricing, sampling and ordering info.