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Motawi Summer Internship 2018

Motawi Summer Internship Program

Motawi Tileworks 2018 Summer Internship Program

Motawi Tileworks is partnering with local art teachers to help us identify talented high school students with essential skills to bulb glaze art tile.

The work of a bulb glazer (“BG”) requires patience, endurance, the ability to focus on the details, and a steady hand to apply glaze to tile with precision and consistency.

We will screen and hire two BG’s who will earn $10/hour working Monday-Thursday (32 hours). The internship will begin on June 15 and end on August 31, 2018.

How to Apply

Please send us the following information for the students you recommend:

  1. Name and contact information.
  2. Why you believe they are a good fit for this opportunity.

Email information to: Jennifer Kromrei [] with the subject line "Motawi Summer Internship".

Candidates will be required to come to the Tileworks and bulb glaze some art tile to help us assess the skills required for success doing this work.

We are grateful for your time and support for this new program and look forward to connecting with our local art community to provide students with a positive and inspiring opportunity in the workplace.

The Motawi Experience

The team at Motawi Tileworks is passionate about making great tile while spreading our  positivity, and sharing our experience. Our company was founded in 1992 by Nawal Motawi, who started making tiles in her garage and selling them at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market next to the rutabaga sellers. More than 30 of us now now make tiles in a 12,900 square foot studio; and sell them through 300+ stores spread across the United States. We utilize Toyota Style Production thinking and methodology; and strive to cultivate positivity, constant improvement, and high quality tile. Nawal's motto: It's fun to be good! (at what you do)