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Stacey Weid

Bulb Glazer

Turn your tile over. If it says 'Stacey' on the back, this is the woman who glazed it! Stacey Weid has been bulb glazing tiles at Motawi since 2004. While she loves glazing standard Motawi tiles, Stacey's specialty is making murals, a process where she uses the tube-lining technique to apply the design on a plain tile using slip. That tile is then fired to bisque and she then applies glaze using a bulb syringe. Stacey loves glazing Motawi's Riverscape tile because she's, well, good at it!

Stacey is married and has two fantastic teenaged sons. Stacey says "as a working mom, Motawi is a great workplace. If my kids call, Motawi lets me drop everything and go! It's great!" In her free time she enjoys photographing nature and going to every single zoo in the region with her family.