Field Tile Sizes, Shapes, & Edge Glazing

Voluptuous and distinctive, Motawi field tile is decidedly convex, with rounded shoulders and softened corners that cause lovely color breaks in the glaze. The extravagant thickness is classic Arts & Crafts.

Tile Dimensions

Motawi tiles are sized to fit together using a grout space of approximately 1/8" to 3/16". Therefore, the actual size of a Motawi tile is slightly smaller than the stated/nominal size (a 4x4 tile is approximately 3 7/8" x 3 7/8"). As each Motawi tile is crafted by hand, dimensions may vary slightly by up to 1/16". Our standard tiles are approximately 5⁄8” thick at the edge, with a slight dome rising at the center.

All sizes are nominal unless noted otherwise. This makes designing easy. Layouts can be done to whole inch increments because the tiles take up the nominal size when installed.

Why can’t I order this product on your website? This item is available by special order. Contact our friendly design department ( for pricing, sampling and ordering info.

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3-in-1 Tile

3620 :: 3x6 Three-in-One
A single 3x6 tile with two 3/16" grooves, designed to look like three 1x6’s. Can be cut apart on site into individual 1x6’s.


Clipped Corner Tiles

4x4 Clipped Corners
A. 4401 4x4, 1 corner clipped
B. 4402 
4x4, 2 corners clipped
C. 4403 4x4, 3 corners clipped
D. 4404 4x4, 4 corners clipped
E. 1x1, set diagonally

3x3 Clipped Corners
A. 3331 3x3, 1 corner clipped
B. 3332 3x3, 2 corners clipped
C. 3333 3x3, 3 corners clipped
D. 3334 3x3, 4 corners clipped
E. 1x1 set diagonally

Download Clipped Corner Templates:
• 3x3 Clipped Corner Templates
• 4x4 Clipped Corner Templates


Triangle Tiles

6663 6x6 Triangle
4429 4x4 Triangle
3329 3x3 Triangle
2229 2x2 Triangle


Notched Corner Tiles

Notched Corners
A. 66n1 (6x6 with 1x1 notch)
B. 66n2 (4x4 with 2x2 notch)
C. 44n1 (4x4 with 1x1 notch)
D. 44n2 (4x4 with 2x2 notch)

Download Notched Corner Templates:
• 4x4 Notched Corner Templates


Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon, Large
5581 5x5 Hexagon (6.65 pcs. per sq. ft.)

Hexagon, Small
3381 3x3 Hexagon (18.48 pcs. per sq. ft.)

Download Hexagon Templates:
• 3x3 Hexagon Templates
• 5x5 Hexagon Templates

Tile Edge Options

There are often times when the side of a tile will be visible in an installation. Motawi offers two edge detail options:

Standard Glazing :: This is how a tile is normally finished. There is approximately 1⁄8” to 1⁄4” of bare clay showing on the bottom edge of the tile.

Standard Glazing

Edge Glazing :: This is a special treatment, in which the entire edge is coated with glaze. On the tile shown below, the facing edge is edge glazed. Field, Relief, and Art Tiles may be edge glazed.

Edge Glazing


Ordering Edge Glaze Tiles

When ordering edge glaze tiles, please use the following nomenclature: tile size, followed by the edges needing glazing, as outlined in the example diagram at right. The number following the letter indicates which edges you need finished. For example, 2x4e1 indicates a 2x4 field tile edge glazed on the long edge, while 2x4e3 indicates the same tile glazed on two adjacent edges. The edge selection you make will depend on your installation layout. All edge glazing options may not be available on tiles smaller than 1.5x6. Edge glazing on all four sides (e9) is only available on tiles larger than 3x6.

If you are unsure which edges you need glazed, please Contact our friendly design department for help before placing your order.

Edge Glaze Nomenclature

Example of edge glaze nomenclature on 2x4 tile