Motawi's Gallery & Boneyard will be CLOSED Saturday, May 25 for Memorial Day weekend.

About Us

Motawi Tileworks is a ceramics studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We make and sell handcrafted ceramic art tiles in our gallery, on our website and through shops across the country. We also design larger-scale tile installations for homes and public spaces. These made-to-order tile projects include fireplace facades, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms and hospitality feature walls. 

Nawal Motawi, owner and artistic director of The Tileworks, graduated from the University of Michigan’s Stamps School of Art & Design and made tile in her garage before founding the company in 1992. Over time, Nawal built the business through extensive reading and lots of trial and error!

Motawi Tileworks has a staff of 40+ now and has received numerous awards for the progressive practices that helped us grow and thrive: Toyota Business Practices, lean manufacturing and open-book management, to name a few. Recognized by Forbes magazine as a Small Giant (a company that chooses to be great instead of big), we maintain an intentional, positive and human-centered workplace culture. As Nawal always says, “It’s fun to be good!”