About Design Services

Design Services Details

With backgrounds in interior design, art and architecture, Motawi designers will bring a wealth of knowledge to your project. From developing preliminary concepts to fussing over the details, working with our design department helps ensure a smooth planning process and a beautiful final product.

Design Fees

For a nonrefundable minimum fee of $800, your designer will provide up to five hours of design time on one project, based on the measurements you provide. Design time beyond five hours is charged at a rate of $100 per hour, but most projects fall within the standard five-hour scope. Final dimensions are required to begin the design process; if dimensions change after our work has begun, that is considered a revision and additional design fees may be assessed.

Design Documents

Our fee provides for a mix of some quick sketches and one or more fully rendered scale drawings of design options. The exact number of drawings varies depending on the scale and scope of the project. Designs will include our recommendations for details such as custom cuts, edge glazing, glaze color/s and decorative tile selection. Once a final design is selected and your order is placed, we also prepare an installation diagram for your contractor.

Project Quote

The final design is accompanied by a tile count and price quote detailing project costs.

Scope of Work

The scope of our work is limited to tile layout design and glaze color/tile selection assistance. A written Installation Guide will be provided. Use of proper installation methods, adherence to structural guidelines and other non-tile-related design decisions are the client’s responsibility.

Project Schedule

Due to long lead times, we prebook design clients in our production schedule. In order to keep their spot in that schedule, we ask that clients adhere to the following timeline: 

  • Request any design revisions within two weeks of receiving initial designs.
  • After revisions are made, request any additional revisions or quotes within one week.
  • Sign glaze range approval form and place order with 50% deposit within 30 days of receiving tile quote.

Clients who need more time to complete the steps above will forfeit their prebooked spot in the production schedule and will be rescheduled for the next available date upon receipt of their 50% deposit.