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Armitage center medallion quartet, finished in 5202, Granite.
Armitage Collection installed in fireplace surround, finished in 5202, Granite.
Armitage collection elements, finished in 5202, Granite.
Armitage medallion quartet with circular border, finished in 5143, Sand.
Armitage shower, finished in 5143, Sand.

The Armitage Collection

In 2024 we launched a new and improved clay body so our glaze colors look a little different. We are working on updating our samples. New photography is coming soon!

The pieces in the Armitage Collection can stand alone or work together in various combinations, allowing design and layout flexibility. The collection consists of a curved border top and bottom, four "wings" and a quartet of interior tiles. Contact us for more information about configuration and ordering.

Armitage Pricing:

  • 6x8 Armitage Wing A: $84.90/piece
  • 6x8 Armitage Wing B: $84.90/piece
  • 9x9 Armitage Wing Medallion Quarter: $129.40/piece
  • 2x6 Armitage Oval Border, Arch-20: $55.90/piece
  • 2x3 Armitage Oval Spacer: $33.20/piece
  • 2x4 Armitage Oval Spacer: $35.20/piece

About the Armitage Collection

The Armitage Collection captures the Sullivanesque style of architectural pioneer Louis Sullivan (1856–1924), the “father of skyscrapers.” Motawi’s Armitage tiles are based on a building exterior panel by Chicago’s Midland Terra Cotta Company, which created architectural details based on Sullivan’s work.

Why can’t I order this product on your website? This item is available by special order. Contact our friendly design department ( for pricing, sampling and ordering info.