March 15, 2017

Design Stories | Avery Coonley Inspired Fireplace - and More!

If you’ve ever been to a Motawi Mega Sale, or any Motawi event for that matter, chances are, you’ve seen Pam Brown. When it came time for Pam to add some tile into her family room, she knew she wanted Motawi. Here, in her own words, is her Design Story. View full article →
December 07, 2016

Design Stories | Halsted Fireplace

Manfred and Lisa Schon weren’t very familiar with the Arts & Crafts movement when they bought their 1921 home last year. They fell in love with the home after seeing it while driving by one day. Luck was in their favor a few months later and the house was on the market. Read more about how they stayed true to the history of the house when creating the fireplace surround. View full article →
November 15, 2016

Design Stories Rewind| Sunflower Fireplace

Amateur interior designer David Baker's relationship with Motawi Tileworks dates back to the garage days on Packard. During that time, he owned a home in the Burns Park neighborhood of Ann Arbor. Now he is in his dream home in Ann Arbor Hills with a gorgeous Motawi fireplace. Read how this stunning installation was designed. 
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October 20, 2016

Design Stories | Leaves & Berries Fireplace

When they did an internet search for tiles that would compliment their west Michigan 1928 Tudor home, Kevin and Tami Brozovich had no idea that Motawi was just a short drive away. Clearly they found Motawi, and the result was nothing short of stunning. View full article →
February 22, 2016

Design Stories | Peninsular Fireplace

Long-time Ann Arbor resident Barbara Sloat built a brand-new home in Ann Arbor's popular Water Hill neighborhood. The house presented the design challenge of a desired peninsular fireplace. Read how it all turned out in this edition of Design Stories. View full article →
June 11, 2015

Design Stories | Wyandotte Street Art Fair Mini Mural

Creating beautiful tiles is what we do here at Motawi Tileworks. From handmade art tiles to custom installations for the home, Motawi tiles are literally all over the country. Our tile is very much art, and as artists, the possibilities of our work are endless. Frequently, we get requests to design custom murals. These are made to either commemorate a special occasion or simply to add to the collection of an individual buyer. In this bonus issue of Design Stories, we take you through the process of our most recent custom commemorative mural: The Wynadotte Street Art Fair mural. View full article →
February 20, 2015

Design Stories | Bottle Brown Kitchen

How cool would it be to have an idea in your head and then have someone actually be able to produce it? That's exactly what happened to Motawi installation customer Paul Lyons when it came time to remodel his kitchen in his late-70s quad-level home. In this edition of Design Stories, see what happens when a customer takes his matte glaze tendencies over to the glossy side with our saucy Bottle Brown glaze. View full article →
January 08, 2015

Design Stories | Stork Kitchen

Longtime patrons of the Ann Arbor Art Center and the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, Doug and Sharon Rothwell discovered Motawi Tileworks and instantly fell in love with the arts and crafts style of the tiles. Naturally, when it came time to renovate the kitchen in their Frank Lloyd Wright style home, which was built in 2000, they knew they wanted Motawi. View full article →
December 18, 2014

Design Stories | Skylight Fireplace

Linda Taylor and Robin Henke have been fans of Motawi Tileworks for many years, in fact most of the walls in their suburban Detroit home have Motawi polychrome art tiles on them. So naturally, when they decided to spruce up their fireplace, they knew it had to be Motawi.
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November 25, 2014

Design Stories | How It All Began

Design Stories | How It All BeganHappy Thanksgiving! While you are relaxing and enjoying quality time with your loved ones, we thought we'd take this time to share with you someone for whom we are thankful. We are going to take a brief step away from our regular design stories format. This particular story deserves to be told in a slightly different way. It's the history of Motawi Tileworks: how Nawal Motawi got her start. Without this first project, who knows where Motawi would be today?

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