Armitage center medallion quartet, finished in 5202, Granite.
Armitage Collection installed in fireplace surround, finished in 5202, Granite.
Armitage collection elements, finished in 5202, Granite.
Armitage medallion quartet with circular border, finished in 5143, Sand.
Armitage shower, finished in 5143, Sand.

The Armitage Collection

Our Armitage Collection is made up of a number of discreet parts designed to work individually or together, giving you flexibility in design and layout. The complete group consists of a curved border top and bottom, four "wings", and a quartet of interior tiles. The curved border can be used without the wings by adding a small curved spacer to complete a fully circular border around the center quartet, as shown in the last photo. 

Contact us for more information about configuration and ordering.

Armitage Pricing:

  • 6x8 Armitage Wing A $76.00 USD/piece
  • 6x8 Armitage Wing B $76.00 USD/piece
  • 9x9 Armitage Wing Medallion Quarter $117.00 USD/piece
  • 2x6 Armitage Oval Border, Arch-20 $50.00 USD/piece
  • 2x3 Armitage Oval Spacer $30.00 USD/piece
  • 2x4 Armitage Oval Spacer $32.00 USD/piece

Bringing Armitage to Motawi

To make this series, we bought an 800-lb. panel that had been salvaged from the exterior of a Chicago building, used laser scanning technology to make a scaled-down version in modeling clay, and then refined the sculpture by hand. It is a classic piece of Sullivanesque decoration, a style named after Chicago architectural pioneer Louis Sullivan. Its creation is part of our quest to bring this amazingly beautiful exterior decoration indoors, where it can be enjoyed in comfort. The name comes from Chicago's Armitage Street, where we found the original panel our tiles are based on.

Why can't I order this product on your website? This item is available by special order. Contact our friendly design department or call 734-213-0017 for pricing, sampling and ordering info.