Colleen Crawley
Senior Project Designer | Colleen Crawley
Colleen loves when clients request this tile: 4x8 Skylight
Colleen loves when clients request this tile: 6x6 Frank Thomas House
Colleen loves designing "quilt" patterns. As a fabric quilter, she often finds herself thinking about tile in the same way.
Colleen's favorite glaze color is Granite because it has "crazy variations". She says this glaze "isn't for the faint of heart" because while it runs in the grey family, it can feature edges of purple and a surface that can range from green to brown.
Speaking of Colleen's favorite glaze color, Granite, here it is used in her very own kitchen in her favorite design style: mid-century modern.
Colleen's favorite project that she's designed is this one, a floor pattern inspired by a leaded glass lamp shade created by Frank Lloyd Wright, but interpreted in tile with more color. Here's Granite again, as the primary background color of this design.

Colleen Crawley

Senior Project Designer

Motawi Senior Designer Colleen Crawley has been an integral part of the company since her arrival in 2000. She is a graduate of the University of Detroit earning a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. When she joined Motawi, she brought 15 years of experience as a licensed architect, with a focus on corporate interiors. Colleen and her husband have lived in Detroit, Los Angeles and Chicago before settling in Ann Arbor to raise their daughter.

Colleen's favorite thing about working at Motawi is the creative freedom that she says she gets to enjoy. Many of the customers encourage our design team to try something new, and despite having done hundreds of fireplace projects, Colleen says the process always feels fresh.

Her favorite assignment is actually a series of projects done for a couple in Texas. They bought an old home about an hour outside of Dallas that they were renovating and restoring, and they hired Colleen to design their kitchen backsplash, fireplace, sunroom floor and foyer floor – each unique but all of them tied together and to the home. What a dream couple and an ideal project! 

Colleen loves to travel and has been all over the globe, but her heart belongs to Michigan.

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