Bottle Brown Floral Inspiration Panel

Inspiration Panel | Bottle Brown Floral

Imagine this saucy brown glaze gracing your kitchen backsplash or hovering over a wet bar. This concept shows the luxurious field tiles surrounding our cheery polychrome floral trio. We think it pairs nicely with our pear accent tiles, too!

Glaze shown:

  • 2021 Bottle Brown
  • 5153 Pear

Polychrome Tile:

  • 4x8 Carnation, Gold Salmon
  • 4x8 Sunflower, Gold Salmon
  • 4x8 Tudor Rose, Gold Salmon

Want to incorporate something like this into your home? We are happy to help you create your own custom Motawi installation using this idea or any other. Contact our friendly design department or call 734-213-0017 for pricing, sampling and ordering info.