Bulb Glazer | Julie Lavagnino

Julie started her career at Motawi in 2015 as a dip glazer. While she loved turning tile into beautiful installations, she realized her true calling was in bulb glazing and she now turns tile into works of art everyday. Julie says she likes working at Motawi because "of the people. The staff are all passionate about creating. I also like using my hands and making beauty. The flexible hours also allow me to live a full creative life." 

Julie's favorite tile is the Amaryllis in the Tangerine colorway. She says she likes the "organic movement and contrast of color. It is both elegant and playful. It inspires me to create every time I see it."

You may recognize Julie from another popular west Ann Arbor spot: she is a volunteer at the White Lotus Farms Creamery where she milks goats most evenings. She loves caring for "her girls", a small herd of 30 Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 

When Julie isn't milking goats or glazing tile, she enjoys sculpting and painting. Currently she is painting for a co-worker, a portrait of her delightfully fat cat, Wasabi.