4x6 Halsted
4x6 Halsted Combined
Halsted Fireplace Shown With 4610 4x6 Halsted Left and Right Ends, plus 4x6 Ellsworth Deep Crown, 2x6 Oxford Trim and 6x6 Linwood Deep Base, all in glaze 5236 Rothwell Gray

4610 | 4x6 Halsted

In 2024 we launched a new and improved clay body so our glaze colors look a little different. We are working on updating our samples. New photography is coming soon!

All relief tile is available in any of our standard glazes. Shown here in 5002 Lee Green, matte.

Actual Tile Size: Approximately 3 7/8” x 5 7/8” 5/8" thick at edge. Relief height varies from edge thickness. As each Motawi tile is crafted by hand, dimensions may vary slightly by up to 1/16".

Price for Halsted elements:

  • 4x6 Halsted $46.60 USD/piece
  • 4x6 Halsted Left End $46.60 USD/piece
  • 4x6 Halsted Right End $46.60 USD/piece


  4614 | 4x6 Halsted, Left End
4616 | 4x6 Halsted, Right End

Why can’t I order this product on your website? This item is available by special order. Contact our friendly design department (design@motawi.com) for pricing, sampling and ordering info.