Tile Tour

Maps to tile tour sites  (for a downloadable PDF map click here)

Note that Google Maps Streetview may not be accurate. When in doubt, follow the driving directions Google provides and look for the blue Motawi Tileworks directional signs.


Site 1
4867 Whitman Circle  | Map

This homeowner’s Motawi collage fireplace features a glaze in 5236 Rothwell Grey.

Site 2
4297 Upper Glade Court | Map

This stunning home features numerous David Ellison tile installations, including three fireplaces, mud and powder rooms, kitchen, master bath, and tiled archways. UPDATE: Due to a terrible winter, East Delhi Road coming in from Miller is in very bad shape. We suggest you approach this site from Huron River Drive where the road is considerably better.

Site 3
5131 Park Road  | Map

The highlight of this residence is a Motawi Tapestry foyer and sunroom floors, as well as a tile kitchen backsplash and island.

Site 4
2106 Overlook Court  | Map

This homeowner’s extensive historic tile collection features De Morgan, Pilkington, Minton, and Tiffany –among others.

Site 5
1217 Bending Road | Map

Nawal Motawi’s home installations include a Mid-Century Modern fireplace, kitchen, bath and foyer.

Site 6
1303 Brooks Street | Map

These homeowners will show their Motawi collage corner fireplace that wraps into custom built-in shelving.

Site 7
2230 Pontiac Trail | Map

Rudolf Steiner High School. The Steiner High School has multiple glass and ceramic tile mosaic installations that were created by students. We encourage you to use the parking lot at this site, and there are public restrooms available here.

Site 8
1115 Woodlawn Avenue | Map

The historic country home of pharmacist Christian Eberbach features a backsplash collage of Motawi Leaves and Berries and field tile.

Site 9
1721 Wells Street  | Map

Visit for this home’s show-stopping Motawi Armitage Medallion fireplace.

Site 10
1835 Arlington Boulevard | Map

This home showcases a striking Motawi fireplace installation that features the Green Salmon Floral Trio with a mosaic of golden and pear field tiles