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Edge Glazing


There are often times when the thin edge of a tile will be visible in an installation. Motawi offers a few edge detail options. A bullnose gives a warm, soft look, however it is only available on field tiles. Edge glazing results in a clean, finished edge, and is also good for decoratives. In the illustrations below, the glazed area is shaded and the unglazed area is unshaded.

Standard Detail

This is how a tile is normally finished. There is approximately 1⁄8" to 1⁄4" of bare clay showing on the bottom edge of the tile.

Edge Glazing

This is a special treatment, in which the entire edge is coated with glaze. On the tile shown at right, the short side is edge glazed, the long side is not. Field, relief and polychrome tiles may be edge glazed.


Ordering Edge Glaze Tiles

When ordering edge glaze tiles, please use the following nomenclature: tile size, followed by the edges needing glazing, denoted as “e” followed by a number, as outlined in the diagram below. The number following the letter indicates which edges you need finished. For example, 2x4e1 means a 2x4 field tile edge glazed on the long edge, while 3x3e3 means 3x3 field tile edge glazed on two adjcent edges. The edge selection you make will depend on your installation layout. If you are unsure which edges you need glazed, please contact us for help before placing your order.

Edge Glazing Example