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About Our Tile



Motawi tile is sized to fit together using a 3⁄16"grout space. The actual size of a Motawi Tile is 3⁄16" less than the stated or nominal size. Thus a 4x4 is actually 3 13⁄16" x 3 13⁄16"square.


Motawi field, polychrome and relief tiles are generally 5⁄8" thick. Installed thickness depends on the underlayment.


Our tile line is completely modular, which means they will fit together as expected; for instance, two 2x2’s can be substituted for one 2x4 and they will occupy the same amount of space.


Motawi tile weighs approximately 8 pounds per square foot. When mounted and grouted, allow about 11 pounds per square foot.


Variations of hue, tone and surface quality are intrinsic to the beauty of Motawi tile. To promote clear expectations on this point, we require all customers to approve a glaze range sample before we make your tile. A range sample consists of three pieces of the same glaze showing the variation to be expected. By approving a range sample, you acknowledge that all or part of your order may vary just as the range sample varies. 


Motawi tiles are made for use on fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, and wet applications like bathrooms and residential floors. Be sure to check the usage for each glaze before ordering. Motawi tiles will not be damaged by heat.

Outdoor Usage

Motawi tiles are designed primarily for indoor use. However, our tile has been successfully and beautifully installed outdoors in selected applications and locales. We offer no written guarantees of our tiles’ suitability for outdoor installations, nor do we market them as outdoor products.

Technical Specifications

Water Absorption: Field Tile = Approx. 6.5%Polychrome tile = Approx. 8% Average Breaking Strength: 2,264 foot-poundsSurface Hardness: Average MOHs = 6 (where 1 = talc and 10 = diamond).


To keep your Motawi tile looking its best, we recommend wiping it with warm water and buffing dry with a soft towel or an old t-shirt. Not quite getting the job done? Try any non-acidic cleaner. We like Simple Green.


We are passionate about creating durable and beautiful ceramic tiles that endure generations of use and ever-changing trends. We are constantly striving to minimize our environmental impact, and there are several reasons why Motawi is a green choice.

  • Long Life Cycle. Tile provides a durable, cleanable surface that has a useable life of over 40 years.
  • Air Quality. Our tiles use lead-free glazes and do not contain added volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The tiles are also chemically inert and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew or fungus.
  • Energy Efficiency. An aid to insulation, tile keeps heating and cooling costs low
  • Low Maintenance. pH-neutral cleaning products are all that is needed to clean our tile. Therefore, you can avoid the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Recycled Water and Raw Materials. We reuse all clay used in tile production, and utilize a water filtration system to capture and clarify the water we use in the studio.
  • Fire Resistant. Due to a noncombustible composition, ceramic tiles are completely fireproof at any temperature. They will not burn nor fuel a fire.