Stassia Fulmer

Stassia Fulmer

Wholesale & Product Development Manager

Stassia began working at Motawi Tileworks in 2014. She started as one of our maker of first impressions and is now our Wholesale & Product Development Manager. Her favorite part about working at Motawi Tileworks is being able to make real connections with her coworkers and being able to do what she loves. In her spare time, Stassia enjoys spending time with her pet tortoise & pigeons and renovating her house with her boyfriend. She also has a side business making pigeon pants.


- Hobbies: Cooking & gardening

- Spirit Animal: Pigeon or squirrel

- Favorite Meal: Shawafel at Haifa Falafel in Ann Arbor 

- Favorite Midnight Snack: A giant spoonful of Nutella