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Sophie Neslund
Sophie Neslund

Sophie Neslund

Bulb Glazer Team Lead

Sophie joined the Motawi Tileworks staff in August of 2017 as the bulb glazer team lead. Sophie's favorite part about working at Motawi Tileworks is the fact that Motawi embraces a diverse workforce where quirky and weird is cool.


Favorite Motawi Tile: Woodland in Spring & Autumn color ways 

Favorite Staff Lunch: Thanksgiving feast -- when everyone brings a homemade dish and it feels like a family meal

Favorite Karaoke Song: "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner

Favorite Meal: One time, my brother and I ordered $40 worth of Lebanese food and gorged ourselves. He didn't have any real furniture though, so we ate it on a futon mattress on the floor. We smelled like garlic for hours.

Spirit Animal: Seal