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Choose Your Palette! Glaze-A-Tile Workshop | October 12
6x6 Alhambra - Periwinkle

Choose Your Palette! Glaze-A-Tile Workshop | March 14

Saturday, March 14 Workshop, 1pm-4pm.

**Disclaimer: This is highly detailed work, if you need reading glasses, you'll want to have them!**

This "Choose Your Palette" workshop is a special version of our classic Glaze-a-Tile workshops where participants  have the chance to choose from a selection of our ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) glaze colors to create a completely personalized colorway on our 6x6 Alhambra tile

Details including age limitations and cancellation policy can be found here.

By purchasing this workshop, the participant agrees to allow photography and publishing of photographs by the Motawi staff solely for the purpose of marketing. Call for more details or questions.