4x8 House Number (White) - 1
White-on-Black House Number Tiles
4x8 House Number (White) - 2
4x8 House Number (White) - 3
4x8 House Number (White) - 4
4x8 House Number (White) - 5
4x8 House Number (White) - 6
4x8 House Number (White) - 7
4x8 House Number (White) - 8
4x8 House Number (White) - 9
4x8 House Number (White) - 0
4x8 House Number Frame (Holds Three Tiles, Sold Separately)
4x8 House Number Frame (Holds Four Tiles, Sold Separately)
4x8 House Number Frame (Holds Five Tiles, Sold Separately)
4x8 House Number Frame (Holds Six Tiles, Sold Separately)

4x8 House Numbers (White)

Our house number tiles are available in black-on-white or white-on-black. They are designed to fit in our house number frames.

  • Actual tile size: 3-13/16" x 7-13/16"
  • Tiles are 5/8" thick and have a notch at the back for hanging.
  • Our house number frames come in four-, five-, and six-tile openings.They have a weatherproof, all-metal construction with a durable powder coat finish and easy, secure keyhole mounting.The frame's drop-in slot lets you easily change tiles.

 Motawi polychrome tiles serve as beautiful art pieces as much as functional tile installation accents. Each one is handmade with heart in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And we're told that our tiles will give you serious cred in gift-giving circles. 

We embrace variation. Our time-honored hand-glazing methods produce a nuanced range of color with depth and translucence. And the bold heft of each Motawi tile reveals our commitment to serious craftsmanship.