Boneyard 4x12 Riverscape (Facing Left) - Green
Examples of typical defects you can expect from Boneyard tiles
Back of Boneyard Riverscape tile, no notch or Motawi stamp

Boneyard 4x12 Riverscape (Facing Left) - Green - SALE!

Disclaimer: Our Boneyard tiles are second quality tiles and overruns.  The Boneyard 4x12 Riverscapes will contain defects.  The various defects can be seen in the pictures on this page.  You CANNOT choose which defect your tile will have.  These tiles will not have a notch for hanging or a Motawi stamp on the back of them.  As with all Boneyard tiles, sales of the Boneyard 4x12 Riverscapes are final.  No returns or exchanges. 

For the first time EVER Motawi is offering tiles from our Boneyard to be purchased online! Motawi's Boneyard is typically available only at our studio and gallery located in Ann Arbor, MI and is filled with "perfectly imperfect" (seconds) of our Art Tile available at a 25% discount.

Not only are we offering these Riverscape tiles at the 25% discount but we are giving an additional 25% on every Boneyard Riverscape tile. 

Because our Boneyard Riverscape tile do not have a notch on the back for hanging we recommend using our easels or frames for display. 

Actual tile size: 3-13/16" x 11-13/16"

Tiles are 5/8" thick.

Motawi polychrome tiles are striking individual art pieces as much as functional tile installation accents. We’re told that our tiles will give you serious cred in gift-giving circles. And each one is made by hand and with heart in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We embrace variation and handmade beauty. The bold heft of each Motawi tile reveals serious craftsmanship. And our time-honored hand-glazing methods produce a nuanced range of color with depth and translucence.