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18x42 Storybook Mural

9981 | 18x42 Storybook Mural

Based on a piece originally  produced by Tropico Potteries of California in 1927, our version was originally commissioned by the Washington Square Public Library in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and has since been commissioned in custom sizes for several other installations, including one at Disneyland.

The full standard mural consists of 21 6x6 pieces and can be customized by ordering partial sections. Please use the letter/number combinations shown in the image to specify which section of the mural you desire.

Price: Full mural $2,142.00 USD

Partial sections: $102.00 USD/piece

Why can't I order this product on your website? This item is available by special order. Call 734-213-0017 for pricing, sampling and ordering info.