So, You Want a Motawi Custom Installation

You have the house, you have the style and want to have the beautiful tile. So where do you start and how exactly does this process work? We're here to answer your questions...all of them.

The number one question our customers have when they are beginning this process is: how much does it cost? Our custom installation projects start at roughly $150/square foot. This is very much a starting point for preliminary budgeting purposes. We can springboard from there, but it is important to know that this text going forward is merely a guideline. Design services begin with a complimentary one-hour consultation. If you choose to move forward with Motawi, design services start at $500 which includes up to five hours of design on a single project with renderings and tile counts. Our designers are known for their abilities to literally be able to extract an idea from a client's imagination and produce it in person. They are also known for being really friendly and easy to work with. We like that.

Now for some examples: the starting price for a fireplace is around $2,000. It's important to remember that the price reflects what you choose. If it's just all field tile on a small hearth, then perhaps it would be a little less. Again. These are guidelines only. 

The fireplace below with all its embellishments retails for around $5000 as shown. This price does not include installation.

The backsplash below retails for just over $3000 as shown. Again, this price does not include installation.

Putting in a custom Motawi tile installation is special. Our tiles are handmade in our factory in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Each tile is pressed, hand trimmed, edged, dried, fired, glazed and fired again to order. Added luxuries of mesh-mounting, edge glazing and adding a bullnose finish just scratch the surface of the many unique design elements you can add to your project. We are fortunate to have a brilliant and creative design team who are available to create the installation you've been imagining for years.

So, now that you know a little about pricing and that it can and will vary for each project, it's time to get started. Tour our website or come see us in person. Choose your design, your tiles, your architectural moldings, the glaze from our palette of 32 luscious colors,and perhaps some polychrome accent tiles for your project and you're ready to roll. 

We're always here for you should you have any questions. Feel free to either give us a call at 734-213-0017 or email one of our designers at