Introducing 4x4 House Numbers!


We've made our 4x8 House Number tiles for many years and we aren't going to stop, but lots of our customers have spaces that can't accommodate the larger tiles. So by popular demand, we bring to you 4x4 House Number tiles and frames. These attractive numbers work in frames much like our larger number tiles do, but because they are square, they can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

As with our 4x8 House Number frames, the 4x4 frames are available in three, four, five and six tile sizes. Locally fabricated, these weatherproof frames feature matte black powder-coating, all-metal construction with easy-to-install keyhole mounts. Tiles can be dropped into the frame, and secured by screwing in the bracket provided.

The tiles and frames are now available at the Tileworks at 170 Enterprise Drive in Ann Arbor, or of course, on our website. Get yours today!