You Asked For It, We Made It. Our "Fall Tile" is Now For Sale!

The power of social media can be mind boggling. Two weeks ago, we decided to give away one of our prototypes by running a contest on Facebook. While we thought it was beautiful, we decided it wasn't a tile we wanted to make. We didn't think it would be popular. Boy, were we wrong.

By very popular demand, we bring you the "Fall Tile" you've been asking for. The real name for the tile is Autumn Woodland. It's an adaptation of our signature Pine Landscape series. In the original, the light shines bronze onto the trunks and the ethereal canopy suffuses the tile with lush green. In this version, mellow autumn hues dance across the trees bringing to life the crispness in the air.

6x8 Autumn Woodland is available now online and in our gallery shop in Ann Arbor.