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Spotlight On | The Color of the Year: Greenery

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Each year, the Pantone® Color Institute selects a color of the year. This year, that color is Greenery. The brains behind this selection write: "Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew." At Motawi, we are in love with anything green, and we have lots of ways to show our love. We take our spotlight outside for inspiration to open up our senses and enjoy the lushness all around us this time of year.

From the moment pen met paper (ok, fingers met keyboard) for this design, we were instantly smitten. From the fresh Pear glaze, to the stately oak cabinetry, we knew these tiles would turn this kitchen into a place of dreams.

Here Motawi's Pear glaze is definitely the show stealer in the room. Walls, furniture and artwork lend a colorful helping hand to the room's main attraction.

This traditional Arts & Crafts fireplace comes to life with Motawi's Pear glaze at center stage. Highlighted with 4x8 Bell Flower accent tiles and field tiles in Golden, Dark Brown and Bottle Brown, it's the perfect retreat for a chilly Spring night.

Glossy Celadon dances across Motawi's 3-dimensional relief tile, Archer. At right, a customizable mosaic blend uses many of the greens in Motawi's arsenal: Lichen, Celadon and Bay Leaf.

The glaze chosen for this fireplace is no accident. Motawi's Matte Green glaze flies solo on this seemingly winged custom arch. From mantle to hearth, this green masterpiece stands out against the stark white walls.

Green gets to be Earthy and whimsical, as perfectly exemplified here. At left, Motawi's popular 4x4 Bee buzzes through a field of Green, while at right, smart looking Charley Harper birds flutter through a collage of greens and blues. Cooking is no longer a chore with that to look at, right? 

This is an example of how the same glaze can be interpreted so differently. Here, Motawi's Lee Green glaze envelopes this hearth with Navy and Sepia as accent colors.

The love affair between the color green and Motawi is as old as the company. Motawi's signature glaze, Lee Green is pure Arts and Crafts and is still the top selling glaze today. Here, this Earthy hue basks in the glow of a cozy fire only to be made better by the clipped corners of the tile highlighted with Sepia.

From deep green underfoot to a brighter green growing on a fireplace, the possibilities are endless. At left, Motawi's Leaves and Berries relief borders surround pillowy field tile in standard Lee Green that is anything but boring. At right, a newer, brighter green, Pear, surounds a fireplace which is just as beautiful on its own in a very different way.

Green can be used as a cheery accent tile, as shown left with Pear as the highlight, or a superstar, as shown right with Motawi's architectural show-stopping relief element from Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House in gloriously glossy Emerald (not yet available).


But it doesn't need to be complicated. Clearly. What could be more lovely than a sea of greens and blues all collected together? We certainly don't know.

This customer took full advantage of our designer's expertise and created a custom mosaic row to highlight the backsplash in Motawi's sassy Lime glaze. The mosaic is mesh mounted in 4x12" pieces and can be done in any configuration, in any color.

The color green has endless possibilities and will bring forever beauty to your next project.

If you are ready to add some Greenery to your home, contact our friendly design team; they are excited to create a design for you using this beautiful color.

Our dynamic design team; Julie, Colleen and Leslie.

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