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In the 25 years of Motawi's history, new tile designs have been the norm; each year, beautiful new motifs have been imagined, created and shared. Today, we are thrilled to announce an altogether different kind of release, heralding the arrival of four new glaze colors to the Motawi line. Sparkling like the jewels they emulate, Amber, Moonstone, Turquoise and Emerald all have a glossy finish, enhancing their rich colors with a luxurious shine, and making them absolutely lovely to behold.

Foursquare image of glossy glazes
Upper left: Moonstone; lower left: Emerald; upper right: Turquoise; lower right: Amber

Of course, such loveliness is rarely achieved without a good deal of work, and these four glaze colors are no exception. Beginning over a year ago, the in-house glaze chemists at Motawi began tinkering, playing and testing out new glaze recipes, sharing the results each week. From this plethora of options, after much winnowing, debate and contemplation, four recipes emerged as likely favorites; however, the process was just beginning!

These early editions of the glaze colors we now call Amber, Moonstone, Turquoise and Emerald needed refining, and more than anything needed further tests. The world of ceramics is notoriously changeable, and so we made batch after batch of tiles in each of the potential glaze colors to see what might alter from one week to the next, in different temperatures, and on different shapes and designs of tile. As soon as their beauty was matched by their consistency, our four new gems were ready for the public, with their ability to dazzle in little doubt.

Let's get to know each of these glaze colors a little better, and take a look at how they can add a pop of shine to any new project.

Collage image of glossy glazes
Field tile collage of Motawi glossy glaze colors


Amber field tile
Field tile in Amber glaze color

With its molten-gold hues and subtle texture, Amber is a heavy-hitting addition to an earth-tone palette. Ranging from shining yellow to a crispy brown on the edges, Amber is reminiscent of fall leaves changing, and pairs wonderfully with our Bottle Brown and Emerald glaze colors for a warm and natural combination.

Amber relief tile
Relief tile in Amber glaze color


Field tile in Moonstone image
Field tile in Moonstone glaze color

Featuring one of the widest ranges of any Motawi glaze color, Moonstone can be a delicate, rusty orange, a deep and sumptuous blue, and everything in-between. Moonstone is ideal for those who like unexpected combinations, and love seeing the handmade nature of Motawi tiles; slight differences in glaze thickness are all that take Moonstone from orange to blue. Motawi's relief tiles allow Moonstone to really shine by featuring those deep hues and warm highlights all one on tile. While Moonstone looks stunning with many of our glazes, it also pairs gorgeously with itself, allowing that wide and exquisite range to be on full display.

Halsted relief tile in Moonstone image
Relief tile in Moonstone glaze color


Image of turquoise glaze with relief and field tile
Relief tile and field tile in Turquoise glaze color

Seemingly irresistible, Turquoise's blue-green hues are as at home in a modern, airy kitchen backsplash as they are sparkling as accents in an Arts and Crafts fireplace. While a natural pair with our matte Ocean glaze color, Turquoise also dazzles in combination with a palette of greens; Celadon, Lime and Pear all look particularly lovely with this iridescent beauty.

Image of turquoise glaze with relief and field tile
Field and relief tile in Turquoise glaze color


Image of Field tile in Emerald
Field tile in Emerald glaze color

A deep green with a hidden iridescent shimmer, Emerald is a rich and beautifully saturated glaze color. Much like its friend Amber, Emerald is a powerhouse glaze color for those seeking a classic earth-tone palette, and looks equally beautiful in a field of greens, such as Lee Green and Lichen, as when contrasting with Amber and Bottle Brown. Whether reflecting the firelight on a stately hearth or bringing the colors of nature in to a kitchen, Emerald has the depth to make field and relief tiles dazzle.

Image of relief tile in Emerald
Relief tile in Emerald glaze color

Whether you are looking for a vibrant pop of color or an understated elegance, Motawi has four new ways to make your project truly unique. If you are interested in learning more about how you can include these fabulous new glaze colors in your home, please contact our Design Team today at or by calling 734-213-0017.

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