Spotlight On | Ginkgo

The Ginkgo tree is believed to be the oldest tree species on the planet, a "living fossil" if you will, surviving the Ice Age. The graceful fan-shaped leaves are enchanting symbols of peace, hope and longevity and are a favorite motif from the Arts & Crafts movement. The branches of this symbolic tree reached into the minds of the designers at Motawi Tileworks and grew into Motawi's latest installation series, simply named Ginkgo.

We have had many, many requests from you, our cherished customers, to create this tile and we were happy to oblige. Be the first to bring some of the outside into your home with this beautiful series with its many variations of size, shape and color.  Behold, Ginkgo.

Motawi's Ginkgo series includes a 6x6", 4x4" and 2x2" tile, a 2x6" border, and a 2x2" corner block. The color is up to you. Shown above, examples of this stunning tile in Sepia, Lime, Lichen, LeeGreen and Celadon. See the entire collection here.

We start off with this glorious tile in our Sepia glaze, shown here in a concept board which you can see in person here at the Tileworks.

From concept board, to dreamy kitchen backsplash concept.

What's more appetizing than the fun color combination of blue and brown? For this next kitchen concept, we used our Storm Blue glaze for field tiles and accented them with our Ginkgo relief tiles in Burnt Sienna. Delicious.

We took this concept and gave it life on paper, in the form of this gorgeous fireplace concept.


Imagine a fireplace with Motawi's beautiful field tile draped in Lichen glaze, which is the perfect hue to highlight Ginkgo tiles. Used in this design are the 6x6 Ginkgo relief tiles accented with the 2x6 Ginkgo border and the 2x2 Ginkgo corner.

It doesn't take much of an accent to glorify this fireplace. Just a few, grand 6x6 Ginkgo tiles dance in perfect harmony with field tiles of various sizes all glazed in Motawi's popular Slate glaze.

It's cool how this tile came about. Motawi is very fortunate to have an artist in residence for a few years. Ceramicist Marsha Williams hand carved these designs into an oil based modeling clay, from which our molds were made. Marsha holds a BFA in ceramics from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and has spent the past 40 years doing what she loves; molding and carving beautiful environments for tile installations and peoples' homes.

If you are ready to bring this beautiful tile into your home, contact our friendly design team; they are excited to create a design for you using this beautiful tile.I

Our dynamic design team; Julie, Colleen and Leslie.