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Frank Lloyd Wright, treasured architect of the 20th century, believed in creating total environments. Since the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation approached Motawi to be its only producer of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired tile ten years ago, Nawal Motawi has had the pleasure of visiting the Foundation's archives in search of new inspiration. It is there that the rugs, lamps, windows and fabrics that Wright designed to inhabit his buildings found new life as Motawi tiles. From architectural to decorative, our Frank Lloyd Wright line of tiles is in the Spotlight as we explore how they can transform an installation. 

We'll start off on fire with this stately, room-stealing mid-century modern marvel. Here, tiles inspired by Wright's textile block designs for the Storer House border field tiles that are anything but simple all dressed in Motawi's Rothwell Gray glaze.

This is a perfect example of how the same tiles can be used to create an entirely different but equally beautiful look.

Modern, yet classic, this fireplace uses Motawi's Storer Triplet almost exclusively. The deep Granite glaze gives this fireplace a stately beauty that is no doubt enjoyed by anyone who is lucky enough to bask in its warmth.

Monochromatic is certainly beautiful, but the rich colors in this installation make the flame all the more inviting. Motawi's Bottle Brown glaze is the perfect backdrop for Frank Thomas House tiles. The design for the tile is adapted from Wright's art glass design in one of three vestibule ceiling light fixtures in the house of the same name.

Can you imagine this in your kitchen? What a statement this would make with one of Motawi's most recent Frank Lloyd Wright releases as the "star" of this installation; 8x8 Prairie Star.

Wright was certainly a genius. Within the structures he created were his own textiles, some of which were the inspiration for Motawi customers' projects.

Here, a rug designed by Wright inspired the foyer floor on the right.

While not an exact duplicate, it's obvious one Wright's stained glass windows, at left, was the inspiration.


Once again, smaller field tiles make a statement in the background of this backsplash that features several 8x8 March Balloon tiles.

Another very appetizing way Frank Lloyd Wright art tiles can be incorporated into a kitchen is here. The 8x8 March Balloons tiles are off-set, and turned so that the circular design makes a complete image.

For this fireplace concept, the designer highlights Motawi's triple threat: 8x8 May Basket, 8x8 Frozen Spheres and 8x8 March Balloons which, let's face it, will steal the show in any living room.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House is the largest of his textile block houses in Los Angeles, California, and is the inspiration for Motawi's tile of the same name...

...which is the perfect backsplash for this modern kitchen.

Another use for Motawi's Ennis House textile block tiles is as an accent, as they are done expertly under this firebox in a sexy clear glaze.


The stained glass window on the left of this dual image is from Wright's Martin house. It was so beautiful that it just begged to be made into one of Motawi's popular art tiles, 4x8 Martin House. It would be simple to incorporate these beautiful art tiles into any design, which has been done. In the drawing below, the designer takes the liberty of not using the tile itself, but the individual elements inside it.

Inspired from a rug inside the Avery Coonley house, these elements make a dramatic border to this luscious fireplace. On either side of the firebox are 6x6 Avery Coonley Pendant and 6x6 Avery Coonley Runner with colorful accent field tiles in the center.

Just in case you're inspired to do this in your own home, here are the plans!



This decorative pattern may also be used to spice up the kitchen, but this time, surrounded by our luscious Pear glaze.

As you can see, incorporating Frank Lloyd Wright elements into a Motawi installation has endless possibilities. Our designers are able to customize any of the above designs and can happily create more.

If you're interested in speaking with one of our designers about adding a Motawi installation to your home, their pencils are sharpened and they're ready to help!

Our dynamic design team; Julie, Colleen and Leslie.

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