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Spotlight On | Mid-Century Modern Installations

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When we first introduced our 6x6 Floating Spheres and 6x6 Hourglass decorative accent tiles, they were very much thought of as individuals. It's amazing what can happen when you think outside of the box. They have been used in many installations alone, but when we really thought about it, this unlikely pair compliment each other perfectly. In this installment of "Spotlight On," we showcase the tiles in their individual glory and proudly introduce them as a very happy couple. Let's start with some vibrant color.

Here, the decorative 6x6 Floating Spheres in the Billiards colorway is surrounded by luscious 3x3 field tiles mostly in 5157 Black, but playfully accented with 5115 Oak, 5003 Caribbean Blue, 5040 Golden and 5153 Pear.  This colorful wet bar begs just one question: shaken or stirred?

More subdued but not to be outdone by its new partner, Floating Spheres, 6x6 Hourglass acts as the welcome mat to this small, but eclectic home. For this project, the homeowner stayed as basic as Motawi gets with field tiles in 5236 Rothwell Gray, but diverted from any standard colorway with the decorative tiles and chose to intertwine two different pallets to make one beautiful entrance. We liked what she did so much with the color, we decided to add it to our arsenal of beauty which means what you think it does, your color wish is our command.

Now let's put them together and see what happens.

Honestly, we couldn't love this more. Here, field tiles in our 5024 Navy glaze are the bread to a delightful sandwich of Hourglass and Floating Spheres decorative polychrome tiles in a jaunty blue colorway. Imagine if this was over your range. We think the Floating Spheres look like water bubbling. Hashtag: love.

Handsome and stately, the Hourglass tiles are the lone accent pieces for this kitchen backsplash. Surrounded by pillowy field tiles in 5024 Navy, 5236 Rothwell Gray and 5000 Cream, it's easy to picture luxurious stainless steel appliances and white cabinets next to this beauty.

If soft green is your color, then why on Earth is this not in your kitchen? Hourglass polychrome tiles are stacked vertically and intertwined with our 5200 Lichen and 5213 Bay Leaf glazes to create interest that will no doubt go beyond the hood.

Back together again in a funky, eclectic pattern, Hourglass and Floating Spheres take on a whole new personality in this backsplash idea. Horizontal Hourglass tiles line the bottom of this happy backsplash highlighted with Frozen Spheres using a brilliant color combination of 5129 Storm Blue, 5153 Pear and 5184 Dark Brown. The food that comes out of this kitchen just has to be good.

Moving out of the heart of the home and into the hearth, this fireplace concept takes the bright accent glazes 5153 Pear and 5013 Canary into flight. The border of the Hourglass accent tiles is a symmetrical dream come true.

Finally, if mid-century modern is your thing, then deck your fireplace with this! Here the Hourglass tiles are delicately accented with 5143 Sand and 5153 Pear with the main theme of powder blue so stunning, we had to put in rows...twice!

Playing with these patterns on paper is one thing. Seeing them come to life brings excitement beyond words. The tiles above are prototypes from the concept drawings you just read about. The colorways have been carefully chosen and approved, but if you think of different ways to glaze these tiles, we're happy to oblige. Now all that is needed is a kitchen or a fireplace to give them a permanent home. Isn't your home just begging you?

If you're interested in speaking with one of our designers about adding some fun, funky tile into your home, their pencils are sharpened and they're ready to help!

Our dynamic design team; Julie, Colleen and Leslie.

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