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A home renovation can be a daunting task, no matter the scale of the project. With a seemingly infinite selection of materials, styles and designs to choose from, knowing how to begin might be overwhelming, even if you have a pretty good idea of how you want your project to end up. At Motawi Tileworks, our fee-based Design Services are the perfect solution for homeowners looking for one-on-one assistance with turning their dream into a tile reality. But what does that process look like, and what steps can you expect when working with a Motawi Installation Designer? Here, we walk you through the life-cycle of a tile project, shining a spotlight on our Design Services.


Inspiration1. Inspiration

Every project starts with inspiration. Whether you are bringing some Arts and Crafts heritage to your fireplace or adding Mid-Century Modern flair to your backsplash, you have discovered Motawi tile and know it is the right fit for your home.


Design Consultation2. Design Consultation

Scheduling a design appointment is the next step for those planning to feature Motawi tile in their home. For clients living near Ann Arbor, this complimentary one-hour consultation takes place in our Design Studio, where we can look at glaze color samples, review our portfolio, and discuss design ideas. Should you live further away, never fear! We also offer design consultations by phone with images sent via email.  If you provide measurements, your Motawi designer will also be able to discuss a preliminary budget for your project. 


Creating the Design3. Creating a Design

With finalized measurements in hand, and a clear understanding of the project parameters and your tile and color preferences, your Motawi designer will begin working on your project. Using Adobe Illustrator, they can create multiple design options for your space. These drawings are emailed to you as PDFs.


Revisions4. Revisions

Once you’ve had time to review, ponder and pore over the options, you can send your Motawi designer any notes or changes you may have. They will work with you on revisions, using the final design to create a Quote. With a 50% deposit, your tiles will be placed into our production schedule.


Tile Production5. Tile Production

While we leave the actual making of the tile to our talented artisans, your Motawi designer will spend this time creating a Client Care Package for your project. This will include grout color recommendations, information and tips for installing Motawi tile, and a schematic diagram of your design to make installation as smooth as possible.


Quality Control6. Quality Control

Once your tiles have been glazed, fired, and start coming out of the kilns, they pass through a rigorous quality control process. Each tile is individually inspected before being counted and boxed, with every glaze color reviewed and approved by your designer. This is the final stop before leaving the Tileworks, with tiles either held for pick-up or shipped out across the country.


End Result7. End Result

After a successful installation, you can sit back and enjoy your new Motawi tiles, designed to fit your home and your taste! 

We're Here to Help

Whether you have just started your search for tile, or are ready to begin today, our Design Team is happy to help with any questions you may have about the design process. For more information, including fees and current lead times, or to start working with a designer, please contact us at or 734-213-0017.

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