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The dictionary defines collage as "a creative work that resembles an artistic composition incorporating various materials or elements." In our case, it's all tile, and it's all fabulous. Many of our installation designs are based on symmetry. Our collages are like their happy little sisters; beautiful and a bit more full of energy.

Glazes: 5003, 5040, 5046, 5184. Relief tiles: 8x8 Nouveau 4-Dot, 4x4 Cicero

Let's get right to it and shine the spotlight once again on one of our favorites and yes, staring is completely acceptable. This fireplace is swimming in a sea of our bright 5003 Caribbean Blue, dotted with a handful of extra special relief tiles. The accent colors of 5040 Golden, 5046 Lime and 5184 Dark Brown bring out the grain of the wood in the simple yet handsome mantle.

Glazes: 5202, 2019. Relief tiles: 6x6 Cicero, 4x4 Nouveau 4-Dot

Now that we're all toasty, let's head into the kitchen where again, the beauty of this collage comes from the randomness of the tile layout. Add a pinch of another glaze for flavor and, let's not lie to ourselves, an amazing range, and all of a sudden a drab wall is transformed into a work of art.

Art tiles: 4x4 Bee (Light Blue), 4x8 Alexandra (Turquoise), 4x8 Iris (Indigo), 4x8 Songbird Facing Left (Denim), 4x4 Butterfly (Light Blue), 4x8 Peacock Feather (Dark Ocean).

There are so many cool things about this backsplash, we almost can't point them all out. This is pretty much what you get when you just can't decide. Here, 4x8 butterfly tiles flutter about other decorative bugs, birds and flowers. There is a little bit of everything here which works in this particular kitchen that is clearly home to an amazing chef. Our favorite part is that yes, that IS a recipe card stuck to the tile, but it's not with tape. Our crafty homeowner hollowed out the back of one of the 2x2 tiles and glued a magnet inside before installation. The result; a clever way to keep track of what goes into the pot!

Photo credit: Caralyn Ing Photography. Kitchen by Bravehart Builders of Toronto, Canada. Art tiles: 4x8 Songbird Facing Right, 4x8 Songbird Facing Left, 8x8 Songbirds all in Jade colorway.

We understand if you need a moment. We did too. This galley kitchen is anything but boring, drab, small, tight or ugly. Every way you turn is a craftsman-style lover's delight. Dark countertops and cabinets are given light with the majority of the field tile in our 5143 Light Sand glaze. From there, accents of 2008 Sand, 2000 Clear, 2021 Bottle Brown and 5040 surround the queens of this kitchen: the Songbirds in our Jade colorway. 

Glazes: 5002, 2019, 5024. Art tile: 8x8 Pine Landscape Mountain, 8x8 Pine Landscape Valley. Relief tiles: 4x4 Owl, 3x3 Rabbit, 6x6 Gryphon (discontinued), 6x6 Stag Facing Left (discontinued), 2x6 Medieval Ivy Border, 4x4 Celtic 4-Beast (discontinued).

This fireplace makes you think it's random at first, but only when you really look at it can you grasp the intentional placement of each and every tile. The Pine Landscape polychrome accent tiles act as if there is a small window to the outside world just over the firebox. The relief accent tiles clearly highlight the homeowner's love of the Arts & Crafts movement as evident by the lovely vessels on the mantle.

Fortunately, this is a topic that our designers adore, and we could go on and on about the subject, literally. To feed your hopefully developing obsession with collages, we have created a collection of images and sketches. Sit back, pour a cup of coffee (ok who are we kidding, or a glass of wine) and click here for much, much more.

If you're interested in speaking with one of our designers about adding a unique tile collage into your home, their pencils are sharpened and they're ready to help!

Our dynamic design team; Julie, Colleen and Leslie.

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