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Just like homeowners like to freshen up living spaces from time to time, Motawi likes to freshen up its offerings of installation elements. We're thrilled to highlight these fresh new ways to look at backsplashes, fireplaces or wherever you may want to put some tile in a series we call "Spotlight On." Each time, we'll not only see a beautiful design element highlighted, but we'll have several drawings of ideas to inspire you to create a beautiful Motawi installation in your home.

Charley Harper 





Motawi Tileworks has had a long and successful relationship with the Charley Harper Art Studio turning over 25 of his drawings into adorable tile designs over the past few years. It seems only fitting to take Harper's (1922-2007) mid-century modern whimsy and marry it with Motawi's classic Arts & Crafts style. Sound odd? Check out what you can do with a splash of Charley Harper in your home.

5000 Charley Harper Concept

The above idea uses some of our best selling Harper tiles, 4x8 Headbanger, 4x8 Blue Jay, 4x4 Cardinal and 4x4 Gregarious Grosbeaks in Blue. Set amid pillowy and thick field tiles in glazes to highlight the decorative tiles (5000 Cream, 5061 Pale Blue,5040 Golden, and 5325 Red) we think this would be the perfect feature for the happiest room in the house, the kitchen.

In a similar fashion, the above sketch features more of our popular Charley Harper decorative tiles; 6x6 Autumn Edibles and 6x6 October. The accent field tile colors of 5129 Storm Blue, 5115 Oak and 5040 Golden take this concept to a whole new level of autumn that you'll want to have in your house year round!

Charley Harper Family Owlbum Concept

Who (see what we did there) doesn't like owls? They are especially popular right now, and we don't think we could find a cuter owl family than Harper's 6x6 Family Owlbum. This would be perfect for a backsplash for a kitchen or even a laundry room! The glazes in the field tile are 5000 Cream, 5236 Rothwell Gray and 5184 Dark Brown match this adorable little feathered family perfectly!

Wouldn't it be great to come home to this design in your kitchen every day? Here the whimsical 4x8 Homecoming tile flits about this kitchen backsplash surrounded by cheery field tiles in 5061 Pale Blue, 5003 Caribbean Blue and 5000 Cream.

If we could swim in a sea of Charley Harper fish, we totally would. This idea gives us the next best thing; 6x6 Cowfish, 6x6 Angelfish and 6x6 Puffer in the shower! This quirky trio will practically blow the bubbles for you as they swim through field tiles in 5061 Pale Blue, 5115 Oak, 5000 Cream and 5007 Cobalt.

Of course, the ultimate Charley Harper and Motawi fan will follow this 'school' of thought; don't limit the fish to the shower! Can't you just imagine this kitchen backsplash surrounded by luxurious stainless steel?


We love Harper's design for our 6x6 Upside Downside tile. You can guarantee these birds will carefully watch over whatever you have cooking on the stove, much like they do in the kitchen below.

Kitchen by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ann Arbor.  Photo by © Fred Golden.

If you're interested in speaking with one of our designers about incorporating a little Charley Harper into your home, their pencils are sharpened and they're ready to help!

Our dynamic design team; Julie, Colleen and Leslie.

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