So You Want to Be Motawi's General Manager...

Here's the deal: our founder and principal designer, Nawal Motawi is ready to focus on projects and business plan goals. Thing is, she's still running the day-to-day operations here at the Tileworks. This is where you come in. We are in search of someone to take the reins from her and drive Motawi into its next level of success and beyond!

This isn't just any management job and we'll be honest: it's not going to be easy. Sure, we need someone with experience overseeing multiple departments and who is terrific at handling interpersonal work issues in a calm, respectful fashion. But we need you to be much, much more.  See, we have a thoughtful and unique ‘Motawi Mojo’ manifesto that defines our core values and mission. The GM will be charged with clarifying, communicating, and reinforcing that Mojo as well as leading the company to achievement of the long-term vision. We believe that good processes, executed by properly selected and trained staff, are the keys to long term success. We do a lot of things right, and want to make sure those things keep happening.

Sound like this is the job you've been waiting for?

Now's where we're going to be brutally honest. If you're interested, do ALL the things we ask, follow directions, don't call, but PLEASE feel free to e-mail any questions you have to us today. If you're wondering what it pays, well, that depends upon your experience and qualifications. Read the full job description and application directions here.