Seed Bandit!

Seed Bandit image

Get your hands on Motawi's new cute crafty critter! Announcing 4x4 Seed Bandit, an adorable Chickadee who is ready to raid your bird feeder. This birdie bandit was adapted from the 1968 Charley Harper print Generation Gasp (Family of Chickadees). Harper, always the clever wordsmith wrote:

Young black-capped chickadees grow so fast that the generation gap is only a gasp. In this family portrait, it's anybody's guess which ones are the kids. Maybe all of them are. Feeding so many beaks is such a big job that both parents have to work. Right now they're probably out hustling caterpillars while the kids hang around home, bibs in place, waiting for the groceries to arrive. Can you tell the boys from the girls? It's hard, unless, of course, you're a black-capped chickadee.

4x4 Seed Bandit is now available in four fabulous colorways in our gallery shop in Ann Arbor and on our website