New Tile | 8x8 Bella Luna


Imagine sitting, gazing at the moon, and waiting for your love to find you.

THERE was a lady lived in a hall,
Large in the eyes, and slim and tall;
And ever she sung from noon to noon,
Two red roses across the moon.
There was a knight came riding by
In early spring, when the roads were dry;
And he heard that lady sing at the noon,
Two red roses across the moon. - William Morris

The lonely woman waiting for her love to rescue her in Morris' romantic poem comes to life in Motawi's latest tile, 8x8 Bella Luna. Inspired from the classic Arts & Crafts mural Two Red Roses Across the Moon, Motawi's version shines the moonlight on the beautiful woman, clutching her two red roses waiting for her love. With romance in the air this month, why not give your Valentine roses that will last a lifetime?

8x8 Bella Luna is now available at our gallery shop, and of course on our website.