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"It's no Jacuzzi, but a dirty bird's never choosey. And if you provide warm water in your birdbath on cold mornings, you'll turn it into the neighborhood hot tub. Who, you may ask, except for The Polar Bear Club, would go skinny-dipping on a snowy day? Well, how would you like to go all winter without a bath? Like all aviators, the cardinal must regularly clean and preen his flying machine. But how can he dry himself without a towel? Maybe freeze-dry?"- Charley Harper (1922-2007)

Wildlife Artist Charley Harper not only had a way with images, but words as well. Motawi Tileworks is happy to announce the release of its latest Harper design, 6x8 Brrrrdbath. At Motawi, we couldn't resist being happy about what we think this crafty cardinal is celebrating: the end of Winter!

We're happy to introduce our latest tile in our growing Charley Harper collection, 6x8 Brrrrdbath. Why not shake off your winter chill with this heartwarming tile? Available now in our gallery shop or online, 6x8 Brrrrdbath looks perfect in a frame, on an easel or simply hung on the wall.

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