Introducing Botanica | A New Relief Series

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Make it Spring in your home all year long

Introducing Motawi's Botanica series; a collection of classical designs inspired by nature. Now blooming at the Tileworks are all of the darling parts of the collection; 4x4 and 2x2 Pansy, 2x2 Fleur, 2x2 Fern and 2x2 Signet, each begging for a starring role in your next Motawi installation.

Like the recently-released Ginkgo series, these tiles were first hand-carved into an oil-based modeling clay by our artist-in-residence, Marsha Williams. From there, molds of each were created so that the beauty of each design could be reproduced. These tiles can be used to bring a subtle beauty to any Motawi installation, and as usual, can be glazed in any of Motawi's luscious standard glazes.

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