How Motawi Chooses Designs

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Motawi Tileworks is run by a tightly knit team of Michiganders who take our craft and our fun seriously. We are committed to making great tile, spreading our abundant positivity, and sharing how we do it all. We create beautiful things that enrich the lives of other people, and just like most everything at the Tileworks, the creation process is a group effort.

If you've ever wondered "how did they choose to make that tile?" or "where did that design come from?", we'd like to share a little about the process.

Motawi staff looking at the board of ideas

In mid-2015, Motawi began releasing new art tile designs every month. It took some time to get the rhythm of the process so that production could work as efficiently as possible. In the end, it was decided that for every new tile design, four months would be needed. From choosing the design, to the launch of the tile, a detailed timeline would be created and given to each person involved. 

The voting process

To choose the design, every three or four months, a design charette is held. By definition, a charette is is an intense period of design or planning activity. The way it works here at Motawi, we submit ideas (images on paper) to Nawal (our founder and owner) and the ones she is inspired by, make it to the board. We all assemble for our charette and vote. The designs with the most love are made into beautiful Motawi tiles.

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