Catnip! | Motawi's Frisky New Feline

Calling All Cat Lovers!

Motawi is proud to introduce its latest Charley Harper (1922-2007) design, 6x6 Catnip.

In the original design, this ticked-off tabby is being tormented by a mockingbird. Harper writes: "From twelve o'clock high, he screams out of the sky to strafe his catnapping enemy with bad bird words, pulling up just in time to escape catastrophe while tantalizing the tormented tabby. Will air power win the Cat-Bird War?" 

Available in three cat-tasatic colorways, this poor kitty needs a safe haven in your home! He'd look great framed, in a clock, on an easel or simply hung on the wall. Adopt yours today!

 6x6 Catnip in Blue, Grey and Golden