Archer and Ashland | Motawi's Newest Relief Installation Elements

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Close your eyes and imagine you are walking the streets of Chicago in the late 1800s, gazing up at the new skyscrapers that were bursting onto the scene at the time. Motawi has taken inspiration from this era and from the "father of skyscrapers" Louis Sullivan to create our latest relief tile installation elements; Archer and Ashland.

The original designs for these tiles, while heavily influenced from that period in time, were hand carved by one of Motawi's talented artisans, Marsha Williams, who used her hands, carving tools and an oil based modeling clay. Each ornate detail was honed to perfection before using the model to create the die which is used to press each tile.

Marsha is a special apprentice at Motawi, brought here specifically for her expertise in clay modeling so she could create timeless designs for Motawi such as these. She brings 40 years of experience in ceramics to Motawi and holds a BFA in Ceramics from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Archer and Ashland relief tile installation elements are now available. Adorn your next Motawi project with these jewels today!

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