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Longtime patrons of the Ann Arbor Art Center and the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, Doug and Sharon Rothwell discovered Motawi Tileworks at both places and instantly fell in love with the arts and crafts style of the tiles.

4x4 field tile in 5236 Rothwell Gray

Naturally, when it came time to renovate the kitchen in their Frank Lloyd Wright style home, which was built in 2000, they knew they wanted Motawi. "We knew we wanted something unique and different", Doug said.

The patina of the tile was just amazing.

In fact, so unique and different they couldn't quite decide on a glaze color and many other details of the design. It was then that Motawi Tileworks founder and principal designer Nawal Motawi and senior designer Colleen Crawley custom designed not only the installation project, but the glaze color and the trim tiles for the Rothwells."I don't think we'd get that anywhere else." Thus, Rothwell Gray and Rothwell Trim were born and are both now options for any Motawi installation customer. "One of the things we were really pleased with was the color of the tile. The patina of the tile was just amazing. It really tied everything together."

4x4 field tile, Rothwell Trim, 1x4 field tile all in 5236 Rothwell Gray

"Nawal and Colleen came in and took it away."

The Rothwells didn't know exactly what they wanted in their kitchen design, but they knew they wanted something to be true to the architecture of their home. Nawal and Colleen came in and "took it away" with a stunning nearly floor to ceiling design.

In lieu of pictures on the walls, they used large Frank Lloyd Wright storks inlayed in cherry wood. A row of eight small stork inlays adorns the backsplash over the stove.

4x4 field tile, Rothwell Trim, small stork, large stork all in 5236 Rothwell Gray

The massive project only took about a week to install. The Rothwells were pleased with how installer Bill Ransom knew how everything should fit together. "The one thing about the project is really the simplicity of the design, and the depth of character and craftsmanship of the product. Its beauty and simplicity is really what it is."

How Can I Get My Own Motawi Tile Design?

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