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Leaves & Berries Fireplace in 5175 Slate glaze

When they did an internet search for tiles that would compliment their west Michigan 1928 Tudor home, Kevin and Tami Brozovich had no idea that Motawi was just a short drive away. Clearly they found Motawi, and the result was nothing short of stunning. "The tiles fit what we were looking for as far as matching the era of our house. There were so many choices of colors and relief tiles; we could come up with many ideas for designs," said Tami.

We took that as a sign that this was a good product

The Brozovichs exchanged ideas with Motawi designer Julie Johnson who created several options for the couple. Elements from a few of the choices were used to come up with the final plan. They said the only frustrating part of the process was waiting their "turn" to have their fireplace put into production." But, we took that as a sign that this was a good product that lots of others liked as well" Tami added.

It was like watching a big puzzle being put together

Kevin and Tami said getting to see the installation come to life in their living room was an exciting process. "It was like watching a big puzzle being put together." That completed puzzle is now a conversation piece right in their own living room and most say the fireplace looks like it has always been there, which, Tami says "is the look we were going for!" 

Left: Hearth detail in 5175 with 6x6 Leaves & Berries relief tile. Right: Detail of fireplace front.  

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