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On March 25, Motawi Tileworks had the distinct pleasure of being featured in an award winning design using our tile. The Sharer Design Group of Plymouth, Michigan took first prize for Interior Use of Tile in the 11th Annual Detroit Home Design Awards. The project was nothing short of stunning as the architect made the Arts and Crafts style desired by the homeowners come to life in their downtown Plymouth 1925 Arts and Crafts home.

Homeowners Steve and Cyndi had not only been longtime fans of Motawi Tileworks, but longtime customers. They first noticed Motawi while leafing through a craftsman home magazine. They saw an ad and were thrilled to learn that not only was Motawi a quick drive away in Ann Arbor, but also a proud made in the USA company...and even better...a made in Michigan company. When they bought their home, it came to them after having several owners. During the high turnover of the home, it nearly lost its Arts and Crafts appeal. It has been their goal to restore it to its original style and charm ever since. They began that process in 2000 with a Motawi fireplace...but always knew they wanted more.

It couldn't have been an easier transition from drawing board to completed project.

Steve and Cyndi worked with The Sharer Design Group to build their dream kitchen. After the construction and installation of luxurious quarter sawn oak cabinets, it was time to add tile. Justin Sharer of The Sharer Design Group and Steve and Cyndi turned to Motawi designer Colleen Crawley, who had helped them with the fireplace years ago, for an expert kitchen design. "It couldn't have been an easier transition from drawing board to completed project."

Design notes

The homeowners loved the limited edition 6x6 Pine Cone, Oak Leaf and Maple Leaf relief tiles and wanted to feature them in the design, staying true to the theme of the Arts and Crafts style of bringing nature inside. Originally, they wanted to use a yellow glaze for the field tiles, thinking it would brighten up the kitchen. Both Colleen and Justin advised against that, and Colleen suggested using Rothwell Gray with Burnt Sienna accents. "Between Justin and Colleen, they always told us what was happening and when. It was just so easy...she gave us ideas and made us feel like we were contributing as well." 

Limited edition relief tiles 6x6 Pine Cone in 5203 Burnt Sienna, field tile in 5236 Rothwell Gray and 5203 Burnt Sienna

We knew it was going to be done well ... we couldn't wait to see it.

Steve and Cyndi were thrilled with the finished product and their guests who come by and are also fans of the style think it's amazing. We knew it was going to be done well...we don't think we ever worried about it and we couldn't wait to see it." From the smooth design process to the expert installation, it's just one more step toward giving this home the true Arts and Crafts makeover it so deserves. 

Limited edition relief tiles 6x6 Oak Leaf, 6x6 Pine Cone, 6x6 Maple Leaf in 5203 Burnt Sienna; field tile in 5236 Rothwell Gray and 5203 Burnt Sienna 

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